Back 2 Boracay - December 6, 2011

Two of us will be our last day in Boracay since our booking has considered budget constraints and getting back to work soon.

Unfortunately, the island is gloomy for our last day.

Back 2 Boracay - December 5, 2011

The stars heard me and today's the sunny day I have been wishing for,  add to that is the hot girl on the beach while just came out from my room. Today's going to be good.
Dark, heavy clouds in paradise.

Back 2 Boracay - December 4, 2011

Eager to make most of the day, I got up early and checked the island of what's going on.
To my disbelief, it's very cloudy and I could see rain on the far right end in this view.
I don't want another stormy Boracay last May.

Back 2 Boracay - December 3, 2011

Just last May, we were at the island which you could read HERE. Unfortunately, that went not as good due to a storm that hammered Boracay for a couple of days.

Now we are back not to make up to what's lost but due to an invitation from office mates and good deal to flight tickets and free hotel accommodation from Red Coconut!

Retreat house Tagaytay - December 22

The next day is pretty difficult for the most of us who had been drinking and finished 2 AM last night.  I awoke early to have a quick shower and breakfast before the program starts.
The others weren't so early so we had to wait for them before the program can get started.

As you see to your right, we had the typical Filipino breakfast.

Retreat house Tagaytay - December 21

Our small company has planned of a business meeting, part retreat, and Christmas party for the employees.  It is going to be held in Tagaytay at Mariapolis Center.

If you you're interested to conduct seminars, retreats, or outings you can go to this link or here for their contact person and numbers. It is basically a quite old but quite big retreat house but maintained well.

First time Enchanted Kingdom - February 16

We are going to Enchanted Kingdom! What makes this unique and interesting for me is this will be my first time to get there! From Wikipedia, it has been open since 1995.

This shot is from SLEX highway just near the Alabang exit.

It's almost 17 years since it was open considering I have been to Singapore's Universal Studios.  We are going to Enchanted Kingdom courtesy of my sister since it is my brother in law's birthday and celebrating it with the kids.

The Legend (Hongkong Seafood Restaurant) - February 19

The Legend Hongkong Seafood restaurant is located just across World Trade Center so it is hard to miss.  There is ample parking space.
This is my second time to eat here in Legend so I thought to give it a simple review.
We got here at around 1:30 PM so the number of customers is not that much to fill the huge resto.

Back to Coron, Palawan - March 9, 2012

Today's our last day in Coron and we can't make the most of it because our flight to Manila is around 11 AM.

I'll just be able to show how it went out.

Back to Coron, Palawan - Day 2

Today's the highlight of our trip to Coron.  We have loads of activities compressed to just one day.  The reason for this is to maximize the rent for the boat and crew which is pretty costly for the not such a big group of ours.  We only had the Coron Island Tour.
There's actually a lot more to explore in Coron such as the Calauit Safari Park but will take 2 hours just to get there. There's also Malcapuya Loop Tour and the Coral Garden tour.
I'm out by 6:30 AM while the others are still preparing their things. We did not need to take a bath since it will be impractical and time consuming.

Back to Coron, Palawan - Day 1

Excuse my room but this is how it looks before leaving for Coron, Palawan. It has been a little more than year last time we we got there. You can read our experience in Coron, Palawan last year, here.

Our flight is around 9:45AM and we're about the leave when this picture was taken at around 6 AM.

Stormy Boracay - May 11, 2011

Today's our last day in Boracay which started with a good breakfast from Jony's Restaurant.  Everyday, they have a new set of breakfast to choose from and today's one of the best.

Stormy Boracay - May 10, 2011

Fourth day of Stormy Boracay 2011 and it seems the weather has greatly improved with more sky less of the dark, gray clouds. Yipee!