First time Enchanted Kingdom - February 16

We are going to Enchanted Kingdom! What makes this unique and interesting for me is this will be my first time to get there! From Wikipedia, it has been open since 1995.

This shot is from SLEX highway just near the Alabang exit.

It's almost 17 years since it was open considering I have been to Singapore's Universal Studios.  We are going to Enchanted Kingdom courtesy of my sister since it is my brother in law's birthday and celebrating it with the kids.

My niece, bored but happy seeing many people in the vehicle.

You could probably tell I'm bored on our way and took plenty shots.

The weather is cooperating with clouds just covering the sun.
Awesome, we are here! After waiting for 17 years, it's like a dream came true. :p
My niece got her height checked for waiving the entrance fee.
It's not a weekend so the ticket only costs P400 which includes unlimited use of all rides except Ekstreme Tower Ride, a tower which will drop you from a height.

It's time to snap pictures like there's no tomorrow since this is once in a lifetime moment for me. :p

Oh, look at them, cute.
These two probably hungry as we haven't taken lunch yet.

My companions lined up for the Flying Fiesta while I chose to avoid the lines  and just watched for the kids.

Image on your left are some people taking pictures with two mascots.

My niece, staring, probably scared and wondering what that creature is.

Riogrande Rapids doesn't open till 3 or 4 PM. Disappointing.  

These dancers are good but the schedule and location is bad. See, no one's watching due to mid-day sun.  I feel for these performers who did their best despite the circumstances.
We took shelter under a roof of a store while watching the dancers.  Hmm...
Ekstreme Drop Tower, the only other extreme ride aside from the Space Shuttle.
This requires a separate fee of 70 or 80 pesos per person to try this one.
Looks awesome and scary, so I tried it immediately and as my first ride.
The climb or journey way up is half the fun but the scary, fun way down only lasted for a fraction of a second since the ride slows immediately half your way down, probably to lessen the shock of stopping.

Worse part is, the ride doesn't repeat itself. It is only a one shot/one drop ride which is very, very unreasonable since no one is lining up for this ride. The management could have given more.

These games with nice and big prices don't seem to work that well.  They're not only expensive, difficult to win at, and doesn't give much game play since you're usually allowed to one shot.

Why not make it more cheaper so that children could afford it and if they win, give them something like an EK candy, ballpen, or coin purse which the management can extract from the marketing department's budget.

Here's another with a huge price but with extreme difficulty.  The rope ladder turns upside down so easily.

I didn't bother asking for this game and just watched the other people play.
I think, they intentionally broke this water fountain so sales of bottled water will be better.

Food is usually bad on stalls near the rides.  If you're hungry, head to EK's food center.

I liked what they done to the floor in this area.  It makes the area unique and dream like.

Anchor's away is a good ride which I could tell from a similar ride in Star City. The lines are long and cramped, I didn't bothered.
Looks fun but the noise and exhaust from the gas engines of this ride is discouraging.

Jungle Log Jam is a good ride but the lines are really long. I also didn't bothered but they did though.

This is from Swan Lake where you will ride a water vessel with the shape of a swan. You could get really wet if you're not able to avoid this water. I saw some kids got wet since they were not able to steer the boat away.

Karting is closed.

These racing karts looks so worn out that they seem not to be working.

If you notice I had lots of pics above, it is because I'm waiting for these guys to get the ride here. I think they waited in the line for almost an hour which will be made worse below.

One made this ride/attraction worse is the vessel itself which is difficult to maneuver.  What happens is that most people take a really long time before they could return, aside from sweating through the physical effort.

They're taking a rest and lay there for a while.

These donuts are small simple but is good enough not like the other food stalls we tried earlier.

Adults will appreciate this ride/attraction, the food court! The only bad thing here is the long lines of of the ice cream store.

Tired and hungry, we bought food from Karate Kid.

While you eat, kids can play on these mini rides.

You got to try Rialto because it is one of the best attractions of Enchanted Kingdom.  I said so because the attraction is air conditioned. Hehe. I can't imagine how this will be like during the summer.

The lines are long but fast moving but not fast enough for my niece. She got bored and went inside.

Since it is my first time to EK, I realized Realto is a roller coaster ride...without the roller coaster.
It's not bad.  It is like watching a movie and getting cooled by the air conditioned room. :)
We tried 4D for about 80 pesos per person and it's also not bad.  It features the Shrek Movie wherein you get to experience it in 3D, getting sprayed by water usually to the mouth, and compressed air blowing to you.
Seriously, it is on par compared to what you can experience in Universal Studios in Singapore.

We tried the Rio Grande Rapids (not the image on your left) after a long, tiring, and uncomfortable wait through the lines.

It's not bad either as long you're riding with your friends or family since the main attraction here is praying not to get wet so much by the not so clear waters.  Losers are those who got drenched. I left my camera away from this ride.

Lines eased by this time probably due to school kids from field trips leaving early to get home.

Before these shots, we were able to ride the Flying Fiesta with little wait times.

The Flying Fiesta is good since it is relaxing. I never thought the ride to be so quiet and smooth with the cool wind of the night rushing through out wet garments from the rapids earlier.

I guess these kids really had fun despite my complaints.
For our last ride, we went to the Grand Carousel.  Here, people didn't need to line up.  We just waited on the horses for more riders to join in.

By now, all mascots gather near the exit to perform their goodbye's to the guests of the theme park.

After their performance, you can have your picture taken with these mascots for a limited time.

Awww.....look at that.  I'm happy for these kids.

 She's probably tired or just sad since the park is closing and fun is coming to an end. 

My tired and hungry group decided to eat at KFC along SLEX at a Shell gas station.

Thanks to my sis and brother in law, dinner is still their treat.
I can't help myself with the free flowing gravy which is made of fat and vegetable oil.

Anyways, going to EK is all worth it despite my complaints as long as we're young at heart and allow the kids to have their fun as much as possible.

I don't have kids yet but I understand the feeling of desire and satisfaction when you see their smiles to what they just experienced.

I'll be back to Enchanted Kingdom.