Stormy Boracay - May 9, 2011

Third day of Stormy Boracay 2011 and I am greeted with coffee and mess on the television cabinet.

Stormy Boracay - May 7, 2011

After my last weekend from Baguio and Tagaytay which you could read HERE, we are now going to Boracay!  This time, it's a little different because we're going there with a lot of friends, families, and friends.  It just happened as those invited to the wedding  also brought their families and friends of their own.  Unfortunately, the wedding was called off but everyone still went.  

Friends, haven't had their sleep yet from work.

Since plenty are going, we were not able to group ourselves in one flight.  This is my group in a bus going to MIA road in ParaƱaque.  After that, we will take a short cab ride to the Old Domestic Airport. Picture taken at exactly 10 AM.

Stormy Boracay - May 8, 2011

Today's a Sunday, but there is no SUN.  

I have never seen Boracay this gloomy.  The only good thing with this I could take some images with loneliness as the theme.

Pina Colina Tagaytay - May 1, 2011

Today is Labor Day, a day where we celebrate the worker's achievements and hard work. This year, Labor Day does not fall on a work day but on a Sunday and there's no announcement of a holiday on the first workday, Monday.  The family had planned this quite big Tagaytay outing for celebrating the birthday of niece and the return to the Philippines of my youngest sister from the states.

Earlier that day, I just came from a one day outing in Baguio with my office mates which you could read here. I got home at around 8am and slept four hours.  The picture below is what greeted me when I got out from the room.   It appears we're all set and ready to go!

One day in Baguio - April 30, 2011

Leaving Victory Liner Pasay Terminal at around 11 PM, the bus had a stop over at around 1 AM.  I can't remember where this is but that's good 2 hours of EDSA and NLEX roads.

One day in Baguio - April 29, 2011

Would you say waste?  Yes it is.  The travel time, expense and effort going to Baguio does not make worth it and you'll not make much in just a day, but, this was an invitation from an office mate about the resign from her job.   I was hungry for summer and not want it go to waste so I agreed to join them.

I was testing the camera and took a photo of her desk.  

Sprint to North Luzon - March 20, 2011

Taken at 6:21 AM, this is going to be our last day in Vigan and Ilocos itself.  We took the included breakfast from our stay in The Cordillera Inn where the menu is typical Filipino breakfast.

Sprint to North Luzon - March 19, 2011

Disclaimer: My "Sprint to North Luzon" posts do not serve as a travel guide.

March 19, a Saturday.  Today's the big day.  It is because we had been and done many and I did 416 shots with only one camera which excludes the deleted photos, missed photos due to no low battery power, and times I charged the camera battery.

Spoiler Alert:  Many pictures ahead.

 Preparing for the beach!