Razzzo Bistro (BF Pque) - June 24

It's another Sunday and after the mass, we decided to have lunch at a nearby restaurant, Razzzo Bistro.
I'm seeing this establishment already when passing by Aguirre Ave., and thought it to be another of those bars at night for booze.

Hot Summer Nights 5 (MOA) - June 2

As a guy with interest in cars, I could not recall the last time I went to a car show and this year I wanted to make up for not making travel plans during the summer.  I decided to attend a car show.

Here's a poster for the show called Hot Summer Nights 5.  It is produced by  b2bcarshow.com.  They're quite a busy producer of car shows in 2012 with constant shows all over Manila and nearby provinces.

DPP VI and Vikings (MOA) - May 26

DPP stands for Digital Photographer Philippines. It's the biggest camera website/forum in the country where they also happen to have a monthly published magazine.  I just joined and posting on their forums this year 2012 and I'm excited to attend the anniversary for the first time! Today's also my dad's birthday where he had planned to treat us to Vikings in Mall of Asia, Seaside Blvd in the evening.

Manila Baywalk and Cobo - May 25

After all the food related postings, this time, we're on a small, simple trip to which I'm pretty sure is familiar to you.  The Manila Baywalk.

Before heading there, I just want to show you this tree of our neighbor which is being lit by the morning sunrise in the summer. I find the colors golden and inspiring me to go out and get some sun.