Hot Summer Nights 5 (MOA) - June 2

As a guy with interest in cars, I could not recall the last time I went to a car show and this year I wanted to make up for not making travel plans during the summer.  I decided to attend a car show.

Here's a poster for the show called Hot Summer Nights 5.  It is produced by  They're quite a busy producer of car shows in 2012 with constant shows all over Manila and nearby provinces.

Entitled Hot Summer Nights 5, I wasn't expecting this view at the bay walk area in Mall of Asia.

In recent years, the rainy days start early in the month of May.
People and I were taking shelter until the rain subsides.

One thing I first noticed is the lack of high-end cars.   These two probably are the most expensive in the show.

A car with racing car seats, roll cage, and sexy model at the passenger seat.

Everyone went to shelter again as the rain came back.  The models took shelter inside the show cars.
Car parts are expensive.  This amount is just for the set of rims which excludes the also expensive set of tires.

The red car is one of the few Toyota's in the show.
A tire from a racing kart.

Disc brake parts of a racing kart.

This the Honda Jazz with LCD screens  more than your fingers could count.

The rain has come back and took shelter in one of the elevated pedestrian bridges.
This ride is still open despite the rain.

The rain got stronger and I'm feeling bad for the show and the cars.  I felt going home by now.

On my way to the mall, I came across to one of the models which is taking shelter under this carousel.  This is Gwen Ceridwen which is very popular in car shows and she's been doing this job in years.

When the rain stopped, she left and I thought of staying longer in the show.

Good thing, I didn't left as the car show went on as the rain has stopped and the models got back to work.

This is Allendale Meris.

It is pretty easy that the models are the one's that pull people in and less than the car themselves.

Model's are hired by the car owners/ groups to advertise their brand/name.

Two of the car show babes are posing for a photo booth, one of the sponsors of the show.

The girl on the left is Geng Maderazo.


A stolen shot of Gwen.

The DJ's equipment for the pumping background music in the show.
The DJ is Nathan J, currently a DJ in Wave 89.1 FM.  If I'm correct, he's also a member of an R&B group before,  Seven Shots of Wisdom.

This model is Fines Pena.

Here are stolen shots of a model named, Christine Marquez.  She's quite frequent in attendance and popular in car shows.

She has bubbly personality which works well with the men.

The night went on without a single drop of rain. This show is lucky for that and people came in droves.

The image shows the empty stage which will be filled later with people.

After a couple of photos her, I thought to myself that I have seen her before, and she is.
I have seen her in one event I attended, the DPP 6th Anniversary in Taguig.  She is one of the dancers in the Olympus booth. See her in that event, here.

I had to take this shot to simply show how it is filled with men, most with cameras.  Many even have expensive cameras with them such as DSLRs.  This is the trend now with events with female models.
I actually borrowed my brother in law's DSLR for this event just to get a feel of this trend.
Bringing a huge camera in such events is quite hard.  Not only the camera is huge and heavy but taking a shot is hard due to many people in the way to get a good shot.

Maybe, it's to ensure good image quality of photos of the girls?  I am not sure though since pocket cameras can fare as good especially when there's good light.
With people in the way of shooting, I just stole a lot of shots of the girls throughout the night.
This person on the left is popular among the men as she's not only a veteran of car shows but she also appeared on TV, in Pinoy Big Brother of ABS-CBN. She is Jahziel Manabat.

With patience, I got proper shots of Gwen while she's taking her break.  She's truly a professional in this job.

Loud is an understatement.  The audio from this vehicle drowned the music of the show.

Stolen shots of model Joy Cortez.

Closer but still stolen shots of Geng Maderazo.  Look at the fans with huge cameras.

She's quite photogenic and took more shots.

After Geng left, I walked around and this.  This model is Cathy Frey, a member of Premiere Vixen's this year.  The Premiere Vixen's members should have been here in the car show but it was cancelled, probably due to the weather. Yet, Cathy still went by herself without the other girls, just for her fans.

Here, I'm stealing shots of the car show babes while they were having their shots taken at the photo booth.

Funny faces. :)

This is AJ Sachi, an FHM model.  She also appeared at the DPP 6th Anniversary event, here.

After above, I still went around not feeling tired since I haven't taken a seat since.
Here is Cathy Frey on a convertible car entertaining the men with her sexy poses.

She also appeared in the DPP 6th Anniversary Event, here.

The sticker is from the owner of the convertible car, Autobot.

Cathy Frey, working hard to impress the fans.

A few minutes after the shoot above, the presentation of the models in bikini at the stage will start.

It took a while to get the models moving but DJ Nathan took control of the crowd.
Due to crowding and all the people trying to get pictures of the girls, I had to raise the DSLR with huge flash at arms length above my head.

The following are cropped photos excluding the hands and devices of other men in the frame of the original copy of the image.

The cheerful and entertaining Christine Marquez.

A glimpse of the ordeal.

With her attitude and personality, she found my camera sticking out of the sea of cameras and gadgets at the audience.  Good job! :)

This is their  last walk and goodbye wave of the models.

Above is my last photo of the event as the models went down the stage as I decided to get home as I thought I did well and feeling a bit tired.  Evidently, men are huge fans with various gadgets to capture and record the event in video and photos.

In this event, I felt it's more on the models and less than the cars.  I would reckon that cars didn't had much abuse aside from small scratches since the people weren't much interested.  I do hope that the producers and the sponsors got their expectations achieved with such response from the people.

Overall, I was entertained and had fun taking pictures. I hope you got entertained peeking through into the world of car shows, the models, and the men into it.