Razzzo Bistro (BF Pque) - June 24

It's another Sunday and after the mass, we decided to have lunch at a nearby restaurant, Razzzo Bistro.
I'm seeing this establishment already when passing by Aguirre Ave., and thought it to be another of those bars at night for booze.

It's actually my sister who brought us here as she has a friend working as a chef in the restaurant.
Lunch time in a Sunday seems to be low for this restaurant as only two tables were occupied.
It is a good thing as service crew won't be rushing on our orders and make the best quality they can.

Their menu cover doesn't match the theme but it seems of good quality and probably will last a long time.

The prices were reasonable and not enough to raise a brow.
The menu is diverse but mostly of Italian, Mexican, Filipino, and Western style food such as sandwiches and meat dishes.

The restaurant has nice interiors yet with no theme.  Background music is clear and soft with good taste on song selection.
They include this bread with dip while waiting for your food to be served.
This itself is alright due to the fresh, crisp, nicely cut bread and good creation of the dip.

My dad's order came in first and I was able to try the pizza.  I think it was cheese and it was great with good, soft texture and amazing taste.
They just call this a "sampler" with roasted chicken, pasta, and pizza.
Spaghetti with shrimps and vegetables, that actually is the name of the dish. It's good with the correct balance of saltiness, sauce thickness, amount of pasta, shrimps, and vegetables.
Their menu and dish names are so simple yet the food were great.

Grilled Marinated Porkloin.  This is what I ordered and the least interesting.  It wasn't bad but it was too simple.
I just want to commend the crisp vegetables with good butter and salt despite acting just a design in the dish.
I might also add, the rice is of good quality.  It wasn't too soft nor hard, with perfectly light flavoring on it.
My sister's order, rice curry with seafood and vegetables.  She didn't like it much as she went only for the seafood and I had to finish the dish myself.
I must say that this dish won't please many people due to the unusual taste of the curry at first.  I can't quite determine why such but it seems an herb or spice is added to the curry.   I appreciated it later on when I was near  finishing it.
This one is my favorite and everyone on the table, the Quessadillas!
This the best Quessadillas I have tried which is a bit spicy, right amount of pepper, the amazing Mayo, and just the right texture of the ingredients.

I would definitely order again when I get back here.
They went for a blueberry cheesecake for desserts.  It as good and fresh as one from Starbucks.

 Their coffee is more on a creamy and less on the coffee mix.
I have a poor image of the men's bathroom but I must say these rooms had the attention given by the owners or designers as it had ample space and art into it.  It is dry and clean.

My sister told me that the restaurant is already almost a year open and it's only  now we have tried it.  I don't know how popular this is during dinner as it was empty while we're here but I feel iterating that this is one of the best restaurants in BF ParaƱaque for good food and good time.
Try them during low hours as I've read  some posts in the internet with bad experiences which seemed to me a usual problem of all dining establishments during peak hours in a Sunday where there are fewer service crews and customers are plenty.