Stormy Boracay - May 9, 2011

Third day of Stormy Boracay 2011 and I am greeted with coffee and mess on the television cabinet.

It seems the weather has improved leaving only dark sky and strong winds.  This is definitely better than raining as I can shoot with my camera.

Though I could shoot more, the colors are so pale and gray.
This is the view of Jony's Beach resort from the beach.  The resort looks very different in 2012 as it had been renovated.

As you could see from the lady....I mean...niece...we're pretty out and at the beach.

My simple breakfast, no wonder I always get less weight after a trip from Boracay. :)

Here are some activities despite the strong winds and no sun.

As you have noticed, I was strolling and in search for interesting things to shoot at.

Unfortunately, it rained again on the island and had to take shelter at the restaurant.

These cars are going to fetch my companions for activities such as karting and off-road ATV. I chose not to go with them since I'm limited by my  budget. Hehe.
While those cars are waiting for their customers, I found what they have been doing, swimming against the waves.
Here they are sprinting to get ready and aboard the waiting cars for their adventure activities.

Being left behind, I stayed in the restaurant and got myself to the internet.

They got back from their adventures around 1 PM and got here to Talipapa around 2 PM for lunch.  The Talipapa Market in Boracay is a wet market surrounded by restaurants who will cook your just bought raw food items such as seafood and meat.
The place is filled with people, mostly, Koreans with an appetite for seafood.
Annoyingly, still raining.
Finally, we got our tables with left overs.

Years ago, you could really get bargain prices here in the wet market especially for Filipinos wherein the vendors price their items lower versus foreigners.  Nowadays, they're priced at a certain tourist rate.  Only locals of Aklan would probably get substantially lowered prices.

You could try haggling these vendors but I don't think it would do much in terms lowered pricing but could be worth it for entertainment. :)

Simple utensils but that doesn't bother hungry tourists eager for fresh seafood.
It takes a while for the first batch of food to come in, expect around 30 to 45 minutes of wait.


We had a lot of left overs so we had to ask the restaurant to pack these for consumption maybe later in the day.
While the others are so stuffed and chose to ride a tricycle back to the resort, I chose to have a walk.

Poor tree, uprooted by the strong winds.

I had a similar shot early in the morning, and yes, it is raining.

I went back to our room and see what people are up to.  The kids couldn't go out and wished the rain to come back another day.

The Boracay sunset for today, ugghhh.

Everyone is so full with our lunch earlier which finished around 4 PM.  What else to do for tonight?
We ended up drinking and chatting in the restaurant.

After the light drinks and food, I and her went for a stroll.  This resort is just adjacent Jony's but drastically looks different in 2012.

I didn't had some interesting pictures during our stroll from here to Station 3.  For me, this is the slowest day in our vacation. See our next day if it got better.

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