Stormy Boracay - May 7, 2011

After my last weekend from Baguio and Tagaytay which you could read HERE, we are now going to Boracay!  This time, it's a little different because we're going there with a lot of friends, families, and friends.  It just happened as those invited to the wedding  also brought their families and friends of their own.  Unfortunately, the wedding was called off but everyone still went.  

Friends, haven't had their sleep yet from work.

Since plenty are going, we were not able to group ourselves in one flight.  This is my group in a bus going to MIA road in Parañaque.  After that, we will take a short cab ride to the Old Domestic Airport. Picture taken at exactly 10 AM.

 All these waiting bores the child.

Taken at 12:06 PM.  I guess, this the moment we got to our seats.

12:27 PM.  This is taken during take-off.
 Notice the gloomy appearance, as there is a storm passing by Philippines in the middle of summer season! 

 Bored, I took a lot of pictures of clouds.   

 Yes, it's an A320 made by Airbus.

My first time to see rain on a plane's window.

1:21 PM, we arrived Kalibo, Aklan Airport.  I took this picture while waiting for our bags.

1:38 PM.  Waiting for the bus heading to Caticlan Jetty Port.  It is advisable to coordinate with your lodging for including the payment of transfers and other fees.  This frees you from unnecessary waiting times and lines.

Do you notice the non-aircon bus? This bus had come from Manila through what they call the Roro.  This is also the cheapest and longest way to Boracay at around 15 hours at 900++ pesos.  This is great if you have a lot of time in your hands.
Waiting for the boat ride going to Boracay Port.  We got inside the boat around 4 PM.

4:40 PM, we arrived at Jony's Beach Resort - Boracay.  This is our second time to book here in Jony's.  This first was in 2010 which you could read here.  It's quite expensive here even at group rates.  One of the reasons we got this the second time is due to availability of big rooms, good service, and good rooms.
It is too nice for my taste since I don't stay in rooms for too long when travelling.

If your forgot the price, you appreciate the quality such as these.  You will be greeted with welcome drinks for all.  The drinks are fruit shakes for which Jony's known for, one of the best fruit shakes in Boracay.
You will also be greeted with this nice welcome message which they have been doing ever since.
We got a refrigerator, an LCD tv, an electric hot water pot with coffee 3 in ones daily, and an electric iron.  All these are new in 2011.

They have this newly made bathrooms in 2011.  We were using a different a bathroom last time in 2010, which has a bathtub.
This is the view from the room's terrace.

Everything is fine and well, except the following images below.  It's summer and supposed to be getting a lot of sun but here we are, getting a lot of dark clouds and rains instead.

Taken at 5:48 PM.  We haven't had our lunch yet and decided to eat here which is a pretty a bad idea since it takes a while for them to prepare the food and is expensive to my taste.
I should have stressed eating elsewhere to save money.

This is the "sunset" for today, and I think, the only sunset I got throughout our whole stay in Boracay.  

The other groups came a little later and decided to have dinner in Jony's as well.

Bored and nothing to do.

This is the resort located between Station 1 and Station 2 areas.  This will look largely different at the end of year 2011.

Nothing else to do, we tried these little  sized donuts.  Nothing unique in them though.

Coincidentally, our friend who is supposed to be get wed here in Boracay has a name Grace. 

8:20 PM.  She's probably tired after all that day of travelling.

We went to Summer Place, one of the popular hangouts at nights in Boracay and is located around the area Station 3. It is pretty far from Station 1, so, pretty accessible if you love walking.  This bar is usually filled by foreign tourists.
The place is....empty.

We did not stayed long in Summer Place since its not fun in there.  I decided to go on my own and search for fun places to hangout.  On the other side of Boracay is Guilly's.  It's known as a party place for Boracay locals and Filipinos.
Luckily,there's an open bar sponsored by "The Bar" which I took advantage of by positioning myself right next to the bar. I "texted" the group to come and join in the fun.

Last image at 1:37 AM.  I retired and went back to sleep afterwards.  The others stayed for a while.  It's quite amazing we could do all that despite starting the day early, leaving Manila and going through all the hassle of transportation.
I guess when we start having kids, the age and kids could not have allow this sort of activities.

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