Pina Colina Tagaytay - May 1, 2011

Today is Labor Day, a day where we celebrate the worker's achievements and hard work. This year, Labor Day does not fall on a work day but on a Sunday and there's no announcement of a holiday on the first workday, Monday.  The family had planned this quite big Tagaytay outing for celebrating the birthday of niece and the return to the Philippines of my youngest sister from the states.

Earlier that day, I just came from a one day outing in Baguio with my office mates which you could read here. I got home at around 8am and slept four hours.  The picture below is what greeted me when I got out from the room.   It appears we're all set and ready to go!

My niece is on the right who will be celebrating her second birthday. We don't seem to be going to Tagaytay as you could see with the outfit of her cousin on the left and the baby float in background.
Yet, we are going to Tagaytay and will be swimming!  We are going to Piña Colina, Tagaytay!
Piña Colina is a resort in Tagaytay with a huge area allowing for various activities and multiple guests.  From their website, I got this brief description:
     “Piña Colina” is a Spanish phrase that translates to "Pineapple Hill". As the name implies, this Tagaytay hideaway is located atop a hill largely surrounded by pineapple plantations. Apart from the lush greens, Pina Colina also features a panoramic view of Tagaytay's landscape and its neighbouring mountains.

The resort is very suitable for various functions and do give them a call for your inquiries if you're convinced with the pictures that are soon to follow.

Their parking space is adequate for 6 SUVs and/or AUVs.  They have another parking lot for larger groups.  This parking space is reserve for the house adjacent to it.

 They're right.  There is indeed a panoramic view of Tagaytay.

The house has plenty of rooms and double deck beds.  The cost to rent this house is pretty much worth it if you could fill it with people.

The adults are busy to kitchen related stuffs such as preparation, cooking, and eating. Hehe. The children are excited for swimming even they haven't seen the pool yet.
Second floor has a small sala for small  gatherings and watching TV.

One of the nice double decked rooms.  She seems to like it! :)

The kid checking out the Piña Colina premises. :-)

They have a nice kitchen complete with cooking utensils, stove, refrigerator, and eating utensils.

 There seems not much for me to do here since I'm not good at the kitchen so I did a photo shoot with the children.

 A huge charcoal grill!

This is the view of the house from afar.  We only occupied half of it despite having numerous rooms and activity areas for the whole family.

 That's a pineapple plantation.

They got a big and nice pool. It is big enough for us and the other guests.

While the others are swimming at the pool, here we are swimming in alcohol! :-)

There's really much not to do here Piña Colina except to appreciate the nice scenery, breathe in the fresh cool air, and enjoy each others company.

This happens to be an empty Jacuzzi. This is ideal for night relaxing and chilling with family and friends.  I have no idea how much is this to get but please do inquire at their website.

If you're into photography, my camera seems to have slight vignetting or light fall off in the corners in the above and below pictures with slight discoloration.  Well, it creates for a interesting effect as though being captured by a film camera.

Well, that's all.  The image below is next day, first day of work, Monday.  I slept well through the night as temperatures are pretty good even during the summer.  I have to get to work by taking a tricycle to take us to Tagaytay main road and rode another tricycle heading to a terminal of vans going to Alabang.

For your events, check out Piña Colina, it's a reasonably priced resort located in Tagaytay.  See you then.