Stormy Boracay - May 8, 2011

Today's a Sunday, but there is no SUN.  

I have never seen Boracay this gloomy.  The only good thing with this I could take some images with loneliness as the theme.

Here we are inside Jony's restaurant. I took a picture of one personnel trying to install those transparent wind breakers to prevent rain and wind from entering the restaurant.

Since it is raining, she played with the sand inside the resto.

My niece, seems unsure of the sand.  I recall her being so afraid of it.

That's the wind.

Good thing was, today's the fight of Manny Pacquiao versus Shane Mosly which Jony's and probably the other resorts had prepared for.  There's no need to pay for this except, maybe, to order something like beer or food.

It was worth staying in the restaurant and watched boxing.  The crowd is energetic and are into the fight.

I got back to the room after the boxing match while this little girl over here, watched cartoons the whole time.

Is she happy to see us? :-)

One thing good about this is we got to experience the powerful waves.  We're the only ones who went swimming.

Afterwards, we went to buy some groceries at Budget Mart. Indeed it is a budget store since you won't need to spend on restaurants or resorts the common items.
No wonder Koreans fill the grocery store all the time.

Nearby is a bakery shop for pandesal and breads.

I don't have much pictures to share since the place is not really inspiring for taking pictures.  Here we are at night, I think, looking for some place to eat. The buffet kind.

The price is quite reasonable if you  would care to walk around the vicinity of Station 3 and avoid the flashy restaurants.

She doesn't seem to like the food. You know kids, they don't appreciate seafood until they get older.

After the quite fulfilling dinner, we went to Starbucks for the overpriced coffee and beverages.

After the caffeine and sugar boosted our alertness, we decided to hangout in  Sandbar Boracay where the best fire dancers in the island perform.
You got to the see this at least once as they're very good and entertaining.
You could ask and check out their prices before entering the place.

    To be honest, this is my second time to see these fire dancers in Sandbar. The performance and music is almost the same after nearly a year I came back to Boracay.  Despite that, I still recommend seeing it once or twice.  The show ends at around 1 or 2 AM.

    The weather is really bad today for such a beautiful tourist destination but not bad enough to cause destruction to the island.  We still had electricity and a good time.  Good night and see you tomorrow.

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