Sprint to North Luzon - March 20, 2011

Taken at 6:21 AM, this is going to be our last day in Vigan and Ilocos itself.  We took the included breakfast from our stay in The Cordillera Inn where the menu is typical Filipino breakfast.

Today, we're going to Baluarte Zoo!  It is a 15min. tricycle ride from Vigan.  The entrance is free and is owned by a Philippine politician, Chavit Singson.  Entrance is free and so is the pony ride! It is open from 7am to 6pm.  Get there early to avoid flood of tourists.

This is a pretty nice zoo despite not having lots or unique animals but it is still great because it's free and kids will love it here. Oh, look at the baby goats, loitering around.

According to a local, this life sized dinosaur costs around half a million pesos.  And, the all the dinosaurs in the zoo cost more than a million and imported from another country.
This is going to be a photo shoot!

A nearby building owned by Chavit.  It's not done yet but it sure will be in 2012.

They have a bird sanctuary containing various species of birds. It's not possible to take pictures of these birds without including the closely knit protective net in the frame.

After getting all the photos we want in the zoo.  We were advised to get to Hidden Garden Vigan!
It's called hidden since it's quite far from Vigan or the Baluarte Zoo.  Expect around 15 min. to get there from Baluarte Zoo.  The garden is filled with plants and flowers which is a nice place to have a snack and coffee. 

See, how relaxing here is! Hehe.  Food and ambiance here is great!

 A pose with the turtles.

We want back to Vigan Heritage Village to prepare our return to Manila.

We were looking around for souvenirs while I took pictures.

Our room at Cordillera Inn. It's a big room and I have no complaints about it.  It's clean and neat.
Taken at 11:25 AM. We had to leave Vigan and go back to Ilocos.

Here we are in Ilocos at around 2 pm.  We had to stop by here to drop the kid.  She's not going with us to Manila.

Waiting for the bus going to Partas Terminal.
Oh, here are the true baby goats! By the way, upon searching, baby goats are called kids or kid.

This is the bus leaving Ilocos at around 5 PM going to Partas Terminal in Cubao and Pasay.  
This is the last of the pics I have and I must say the experience is memorable as this is my first to really get to the North of Luzon and these lovely places.  I love to go back and hopefully have more time in my hands as we missed a lot of other destinations. See you again! 

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