One day in Baguio - April 29, 2011

Would you say waste?  Yes it is.  The travel time, expense and effort going to Baguio does not make worth it and you'll not make much in just a day, but, this was an invitation from an office mate about the resign from her job.   I was hungry for summer and not want it go to waste so I agreed to join them.

I was testing the camera and took a photo of her desk.  

We left the office located in Alabang, Muntinlupa at around 6PM and this is on a Friday.  We will take a bus going to Cubao and drop in Magallanes.
Indeed it was a Friday! We weren't able to find  find a bus from Magallanes to Victory Liner Terminal Pasay City.  I suggested to my lady friends to just ride a non-airconditioned bus and ride standing. Fortunately, waiting for around 30 min. there was such a bus.  This photo is aroud 7:30 PM.
As you could see on your left, these are the lines for the bus tickets, almost all are sold out for the night schedules.
Fortunately, we were able to book for a bus ticket going to Baguio scheduled at 10PM and the type of bus is Victory Liner's newest, the Deluxe.  It is a type of bus with full sized seats and very good leg room.  This is the best to get when travelling and sleeping through the night.  It costs around 100 pesos more than the ordinary which is a bargain!
Today (02/2012), it now costs around 750 pesos, three hundred pesos more than the ordinary which is 455 pesos only!
We killed time eating at this restaurant inside the terminal.  Food is not nice and not cheap.

Still, killing time.  The terminal is really crowded and nothing to seat on.  It is summer and the air is humid.

This shot taken at 10:14PM.  In fairness, the bus is on time but the process of loading it with passengers was bad. If I still recall, the bus left around 10:45 due to one missing passenger, and a passenger with no ticket.
By the way, huge bags such as backpacks won't fit those overhead shelves. Bags will now occupy the generous leg room which I praised earlier.