Sprint to North Luzon - March 19, 2011

Disclaimer: My "Sprint to North Luzon" posts do not serve as a travel guide.

March 19, a Saturday.  Today's the big day.  It is because we had been and done many and I did 416 shots with only one camera which excludes the deleted photos, missed photos due to no low battery power, and times I charged the camera battery.

Spoiler Alert:  Many pictures ahead.

 Preparing for the beach!

Various battery chargers.  For every trip, don't forget to bring octopus adapters and if you can, an extension cord.
Our little bathroom.  No problems except for the cramped space.
Similar shot as last night, only now it's daytime. 
RLYN'S it is.
So many huts, probably filled with vendors on summer.

Fishermen are just getting ready for today's work.

 Hehe, so happy.

Strange formation huh?  It's because high tides in Pagudpod reach to that point.

Noticed the waves? That's how strong it is but people there are saying it is calmer during summer.

Awesome Pagudpod!

This is the best place to get these cute souvenirs.  For a guy, I find them truly nice, maybe also due to the cheap price. :)
We went here for a good breakfast in Emohruo and it's nice here!

Silliness, probably enjoying the cherry.

Thoughtful! Nice! Hmm, maybe this is how girls feel when they get flowers from their suitors? :)
Now I know how to please them, get them one small flower and put it somewhere! Haha.

Wash your hands first!

Whit! Whew!

Apo Idon, beach hotel, looks like a nice lodge to stay in.

Here's the tricycle of our driver of last night who brought us to RLYN's.  The head room of tricycles here are pretty low, could fit only two adults inside and maybe a child.
As you can see, we have all our things with us including one box containing all the souvenirs we bought at the beach and we're leaving the area.
This quite new building houses the local government office of Pagudpod.  There's public market, drugstores, eatery, and various stores nearby.
We're leaving Pagudpod and are going to Bangui, the windmills!!

The almost dried up river under a bridge.   I think, it's supposed to be filled with water during the rainy season.
 It's only now I noticed that the it is spelled as "Pagudpud".

It's quite a long way from Pagudpod to to the windmills, around 30-45 minutes but was worth it as I was seated behind the tricycle driver that I could feel the sun, wind, and see everything then take pictures during our journey,  Good thing I had sun screen and a cap for the head.
Not only that, compared to a large vehicle such as cars or vans, I liked the slow pace of our tricycle going to the location as it builds anticipation while having more time to fathom these giant objects.

Cutting through many pictures on our way, here's an image that will point to the direction of the windmills.

As a tourist destination, souvenirs such as these is not surprising.

Bangui Windmills Tip:
If you can, don't buy any of these in the area.  Outside this location, there is another area where you could buy the same items at less prices with better quality and design.

If you noticed, this kid is starting to do some poses only an adult does and she just turned 4 years old!!  We don't know where learned it, maybe from a group of teens who while we wait for them to finish in this spot.

She was hilarious and that group of teen were smiling while we did this shoot.  :)

Amazing! No one taught her.  The photo shoot was spontaneous.

Cutting again through truck loads of images, here's one of my favorites.

Bangui Windmill Tip:  The best time to go here is when the sky is clear, more likely, on a summer and on the middle of the day.

The only problem with that is the outcome of the pictures of people.  To your left is a good example wherein the outcome is a lot of shadows on a person's face.
Things you can do is to manually enable the flash unit on your digital camera so that it always produces a flash.
Additionally, a photo editing software can lessen these shadows.

Just beautiful.....

I did not know how beautiful the place was because of the heat and blinding reflections of the afternoon.

Familiar composition.  This is leaving the Bangui Wind farm.  I could not stop taking pictures.

As I said a while ago, there's another place where you get Bangui Wind farm souvenirs at better prices.  Unfortunately, I could not tell the name or tell the directions to this place.

This location is going away Pagudpod and is going to the south.  If you ask your guide, they will be able to bring you here as many vendors are selling. There were no other tourists which probably explains the better prices and quality of these items compared what is found at Bangui.

It's already 1pm and our tricycle driver asked if we had lunch, so we stopped by with one the eateries along the highway.
I was reluctant at first since I'm not really trusting food I'm unsure of.  Still, I agreed and planned to eat less than necessary.

Here's the food we had and I must say they taste good and I don't sense a sign of cheapness or dirt on food.  I ate a lot and their left overs. Hehe.
Here's the name of the humble eatery, it is lunch time but there's not much people even in the adjacent stores.  I was hesitant to eat here at firs tas I don't trust the food. Fortunately, my tummy's fine over the next few days.

Our next stop is the lighthouse called Cape Bojedor. This is the view from the road before climbing up to the lighthouse.

This is another spectacular place and I'm already missing it just be seeing this snapshot.

There's not much less to do here except taking pictures.  We weren't able to climb inside the lighthouse, maybe due it's  under maintenance.  I hope you would be able to when you come here.

She's getting bored with the place and what we're doing. We left afterwards.  By the way, we met with a lot of tourists and probably and a huge group, probably a camera club.  I doubt getting good pictures here on a summer since that would mean plenty tourists.
Waiting for the bus going to...Vigan!
During the trip the bus had stops.  I discovered that most buses has various stops to carry and drop in goods.  It's an efficient way to transport goods here in the North.

We had to get first to Partas Terminal before riding a bus again going to Vigan.  I think the bus left the terminal at 4 PM

We're in here Vigan Heritage Village.  Shot taken at 5:44 PM.

We checked in Vigan's Cordillera Inn. I think it has been there for decades which explains the architecture and look of the hotel.

Mang Inasal restaurant.
 The kid can't wait for Greenwich!
After eating, we went to the plaza which is just across Greenwich. There's a program at the plaza.  It's a dance competition.

If I still recall, we went back to Cordillera Inn so my companions could take their rest.  Well, me, I was restless.  I planned to go around Vigan throughout the night.
There isn't much to write about except Vigan is beautiful at night.

Spoiler Alert: Plenty pictures ahead.  

That's it! This day is so worth it. 

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