The Legend (Hongkong Seafood Restaurant) - February 19

The Legend Hongkong Seafood restaurant is located just across World Trade Center so it is hard to miss.  There is ample parking space.
This is my second time to eat here in Legend so I thought to give it a simple review.
We got here at around 1:30 PM so the number of customers is not that much to fill the huge resto.

They do have a reasonable amount of servers even during weekends.  Today, they have a big birthday party event on a closed area of the restaurant yet the service is till good.

Majority of the customers are of the Chinese lineage.

This is no fancy restaurant but the cleanliness, ample space, and presentation puts it ahead than most Chinese restaurants.

While waiting for food to be served, we are given this one saucer of peanuts which is good for keeping our hunger at bay.
Food came in fast, if I'm not mistaken,  just around 10 minutes of wait.
I don't know what they call this but it is simply a food sampler.
Each item is of quality and good texture.  Nothing spectacular or something to write about.

The soup immediately followed in just around three minutes.  Well, the must have been the one to get to us first but I don't mind since it seems the restaurants policy is to bring in food as early as possible, saving time and clutter in the kitchen.
Here is just one of their huge menu  with prices. It's pretty expensive here though especially for a Chinese restaurant.

I forgot what the soup is made of but essentially it has lightly beaten eggs in it producing those white solids.
Their soup is too good and so it is very heavy on the tumjy. Those who finished the bowl, including me, complained of being quite full.

One memorable item which I also had last year is their hot salad.  It is basically a fruit salad with the usual cream but with some Mayo and more importantly, the large chunks of shrimp.
The correct way to eat it is to include shrimp with the fruits in your mouth.  The contrast of the ingredients is interesting.  This is recommend for you to try.
Look at that presentation.  I recall,  watching the Chinese cooking shows when I saw this.

It is just rice we ordered where upon serving, the server will carefully open the contents without damaging the layer of egg to present you this.

This is also interesting on its simplicity.  It's a combination of various items with slight grease on it.  It has mushroom, large shrimps, carrots, and best off all the cashew nuts.
The correct way to eat it is not by singling out each item but by taking all the varieties in one spoon.
The various textures, crisp, and taste of each creates this interesting harmony of ingredients which I can say is worth to try.
One of their fortes, Peking Duck, is not available, probably due for us being late for lunch.  Anyways, we had this fried chicken which is as good from Max's restaurant.

I missed to take pictures of other food items we had but I guess above is enough to interest you or not to this Chinese restaurant.
Overall, it's worth it but I reckon there's a lot more choices out there for the same quality at less costs.

If you know a good restaurant to try, please send in your comments below. Thanks!
My family, not content with what they had, went Mcdonald's drive-through.  They had sundaes, burger and fries, while I chose to have coffee.