Back to Coron, Palawan - March 9, 2012

Today's our last day in Coron and we can't make the most of it because our flight to Manila is around 11 AM.

I'll just be able to show how it went out.

My companions are still asleep, more likely caused by the tiredness they experience from yesterday's activities and our climb to Mt. Tapyas.  They complained of muscle pains throughout their body. I guess, preparation for Coron, includes getting fit.

Realizing that our stay in Coron was too short,  I waked up early and took a bath then went straight here.

I never missed having more than enough coffee in the morning.

We had longganisa and the dried fish, still not good.  Good thing, they have coffee.

Bags are packed and we're to go but before that, we will go souvenir shopping again.

The image you see is just across Nanay Lita's residence, the one who sells the popular roasted cashew nuts in Coron.

Nanay Lita has an interesting house interior.  I wonder it looks such.  She is friendly and charismatic, maybe a bit used to the fame she receives.

Our next stop is a small store selling dried seafood at substantially lower prices compared what is found to Coron Town Proper market.

The store is just across the Coron sea port.

This is just adjacent the humble store we went to, above.

These are good. Though Cebu has more of these and varieties but more expensive.

This is Coron's largest souvenir shop, Coron Souvenir Shop, that contains a staggering variety and number of items which girls will find hard to resist not buying anything.
They have a power problem so you'll have to walk in the store in the dark.  I wonder why they don't have those rechargeable LED lamps.

In order to save time and allow others to continue buy souvenirs, two of us went back to the lodge to load our bags when our van transfer to the airport comes.
I really forgot the name of this souvenir shop across Coron Village lodge.  Anyways, you will not miss it if you plan buying something here.

I was not able to take some photos during our transfer from Coron to the airport since the van has really dark window films which will make it difficult to my camera to get some decent pictures.

The airport terminal fee is just 20 pesos.  Indeed it is, since there is no water in the men's bathroom.  By the way, bag inspection is manual, you have to open your bags to be inspected by police officers.

See the plane? That is the Cebu Pacific airplane which is also heading to Manila.  They will have to take-off first before we can so we have to wait.  The wait is short though, about 10 minutes from the time we got to our seats.

It is exactly the same plane we used to get to Coron which makes sense since the amount of passengers going to and out of Coron is not much.

During take-off, the angle of inclination of the wing flap is 15 degrees.  Useful info huh? :-)

The plane has reached it's target elevation, the wing flaps are not inclined.

Enlarge. You will see two white spots with water trails on the sea.  Probably, they are yachts. It's just amazing how vast the sea is.

There's heavy traffic in the air so the plane to go around for more than 30 minutes before it got the signal to land.

The flap is on a 30 degree angle in performing a landing.

Once landed, the plane also had to wait almost 20 minutes before it could park and stop.  Time was wasted.

Waiting, again.  We also had to consolidate all the bought souvenirs since we placed them in just one big box.

Even this pig stuffed toy, got tired of waiting.

One friend had a van to fetch us so we didn't need to ride a taxi cab.  We, from Las Pinas, dropped to Coastal Mall and took a bus and easily got home.

This is all what happened in our last day, at least, we got home early.  I never thought it had to be so short.  I don't know when will I be back for Coron since the finances is not enough and I'm planning to fill my passport with stamps on my future travels.

Thanks for following our trip to Coron.

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