Back 2 Boracay - December 4, 2011

Eager to make most of the day, I got up early and checked the island of what's going on.
To my disbelief, it's very cloudy and I could see rain on the far right end in this view.
I don't want another stormy Boracay last May.

Eventually, it rained for a while but like the song says, there's always a rainbow after the rain.  It did and in only a few minutes! :-)

In just an hour, the dark and cloudy weather now looks like this!

Since they're not up yet from their sleep, I decided to have a walk and some exercise to Station 1.

I always take this shot from the  grotto/Willy's rock.  For comparison, see how it looks like from 2003.

Capture from Willy's Rock - April 2003

The stone are smooth and shiny as part of the hand rail.

I took advantage of shooting this many because later, it will be filled with people trying to get their pictures.

I received a text message from, telling me to have breakfast then decided to have one at Jonah's.  Jonah's is the popular fruit shake store in Boracay. chicks dig this store.  
Soup is bad.  Salty and no taste.  The orange juice you see at the top is very small. I've never seen a glass so small in a restaurant.
This plate of shrimps, some vegetables, and beef plus the small fruit salad at the upper left costs nearly 300 pesos and it's not good.
The water I requested from them is contains solids which seem like particles from the melting ice.

There you go, Jonah's is only good for fruit shakes and probably some snacks  from their menu.

Afterwards, we prepared for swimming and found this cute boy playing with her mother.

Despite the sun and less clouds, the waves are strong.

One good thing about booking on the more expensive hotels in Boracay is their location and their sunbathing chairs.

After the swim which I enjoyed, we took a bath.  Afterwards, I went out immediately to checkout what is going on.

Nothing to do, I chilled on the sunbathing chair and hoped some sexy girls pass by.

My companions also had nothing to do and decided to rent some boat for island hopping. I have been to numerous island hoppings before, yet,  I joined anyway.

The boat had to stop here and get some diesel fuel.

 What the hell is that?!  They look like pirates! hahaha.

Those lead to the caves which become underwater during high tides.

This is a part of Crystal Cove and it gets better and larger each year, getting more expensive too.

Snorkeling wasn't that good since the sun is covered by the clouds, dimming the supposedly colors of the corals and fish. The water is a bit cold too.

Click to enlarge. This is my first time to see that, there's a huge hole to that island.

We went to the far end of Boracay island and this how it looks like with strong waves and steep sands which is not good for swimming especially the kids.

Hungry, we decided to eat in a small and simple restaurant in that town.  I wonder why I had didn't so much pictures in this place.  Maybe, I was wasting time in the restaurant staring at a model being applied with make-up which appears to be preparing for a model shoot.

Afterwards, the boat headed back to beach front.  While it did, we were to able to pass by some nice parts of the island.


When we got back, it's too late again to capture Boracay's sunset but didn't feel to bad since clouds covered the sky.

It rained so much the whole night and opt stay to our rooms. By 11PM it stopped and I went out. I discovered there's so few people outside.

It rained intermittently while I was out,  I took a couple of shots and called it a day.  I just hoped it will be better tomorrow.

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