Back 2 Boracay - December 3, 2011

Just last May, we were at the island which you could read HERE. Unfortunately, that went not as good due to a storm that hammered Boracay for a couple of days.

Now we are back not to make up to what's lost but due to an invitation from office mates and good deal to flight tickets and free hotel accommodation from Red Coconut!

With our ever reliable bus company in Las Pinas, Tas Trans, we got to ride it at around 10 AM.

For this trip, the good deal ticket we had is the Manila to "Caticlan" flight for about 900-1200 pesos!  For those who doesn't know what it means, it means that we don't need to the 2 hour bus ride from Aklan to Caticlan! It saves a lot of time and effort for various transfers.
That leads me to recall many years ago that transfer is just limited to one boat ride from Caticlan airport or from the middle of the sea through Super Ferry.

Wow, the weather is perfect, summer like.

I was shooting at the bright, white clouds.
The plane took off at 12:51 PM.

The mid-day sun makes these clouds so bright and white to which no camera on Earth can be advanced enough  to show.

To my surprise, the Caticlan airport is new and looks nice since I have been there. I like what they did on it's color theme of just white wall and black texts.  The texts standout from the blue sky.

What's also good about the Caticlan airport is its near proximity to the Caticlan Jetty Port that if you have baggage, you can walk to it from the airport in just 10 to 15 minutes.

This is what I don't like to the new of transferring tourists in Boracay. From the boat, you will need to transfer to a van which will bring you to your hotel.

Not only does the transfer is tiresome, tourists will also get to see how chaotic and not so picturesque the national road of the island Boracay is.  Well, that is nitpicking of me since the transfer is a few minutes including traffic jams but it is worth mentioning.
From the road, you will need pass through this street which is a few minutes to the beach front or the hotel of Red Coconut.
With a text or call to their office, a guide will wait for you when your van comes to assist you with your luggage.

We got our free accommodation through our friend who is a travel agent.  This is one of the perks she gets when she books tourists to their hotel.
Since it is free, the rooms are located at the rear end of their hotel in contrast to the beach facing hotel. It is not bad though, I like the surroundings and the building materials of the rooms.

Again, no camera on Earth could interpret this scene as very bright and hot.  I love the weather in contrast what we had last May.

Red Coconut being near to Station 1, we decided to have our late lunch at Jony's Beach resort.

To your right is the look of the newly renovated restaurant which looks modern and clean compared to the old which is dark and used natural building materials.  I still preferred the old look though.
We had Kare-kare and Sinigang which took forever to be served.  The quality of their cooking is quite ok but the price and long wait of almost 40 minutes didn't make it worth it.  The fast food restaurants at the D'mall are way faster to serve and lighter on the wallet.
Just a few minutes after eating, the sun looks like this. I forgot that it is December where the day is very short and the sunset happens early and quickly.

I have to make do with these and comeback tomorrow for the Boracay sunset.

Having our late lunch, we took a few walks to the resorts in Station 1 before planning to have dinner.

Since I'm still full and trying to save some pennies, I just had beer while the others had a complete dinner of sizzling plates.

It is just a few years ago I learned that most foreigners liked the Pale Pilsen so much.  This is why ordered one instead of getting the San Miguel Light which is light on calories. :)

After their dinner, I decided to stay behind and walk around under the full moon while they returned to their rooms.

Guilly's Island is boring.   I thought it is filled foreigners since it is December and today is a Saturday.
My companions, realizing it a waste to just stay in their rooms, texted me to see them and do something.
Adjacent to Guilly's Island is their competition, Club Paraw which we chose to hangout.

While chilling in Club Paraw, something more interesting happened. There was a fireworks display which could add more to our slow night in the island.

Just after the fireworks, the people got more interesting like this sexy, white girl dancing on her seat.  There were two hot Asians just behind her.

I'm good. :p
That's all for today considering we left Manila only at noon.  I'm beginning to ponder if it's worth getting a cheap Manila to Caticlan flight at less than desirable hours or a cheap Manila to Aklan flight which could leave early in the morning.
These choices are pretty difficult especially when you have a boss/supervisor discouraging you take leaves even if you're entitled to it.

The day ended well.


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