Retreat house Tagaytay - December 22

The next day is pretty difficult for the most of us who had been drinking and finished 2 AM last night.  I awoke early to have a quick shower and breakfast before the program starts.
The others weren't so early so we had to wait for them before the program can get started.

As you see to your right, we had the typical Filipino breakfast.

The place is really nice if have you made an effort to search around the area.

Though I participated and listened intently throughout the program, my mind is actually not in it.

These two iPhones, seems to be doing something with each other, is more interesting. :p

Today's a Saturday so everyone's anxious to get home but left the premises around 6 PM.  Anyways, it is still worth it since I got nice pictures of the atmosphere and plants of Tagaytay. If you are interested to conduct meetings, seminars, or retreat here, you can go to this link for more information.