Back 2 Boracay - December 5, 2011

The stars heard me and today's the sunny day I have been wishing for,  add to that is the hot girl on the beach while just came out from my room. Today's going to be good.
Dark, heavy clouds in paradise.

The weather is good and nice but I'm running out of budget and I have no plans today.  What can I do?
Well, I didn't had to wait for the others since my interests differ from theirs.  I'll just see them at lunch.  I decided to do a long walk to the other end of the beach.  Mind you, it is difficult.

Once you get past all the resorts in Station 3, you will get to see this.  This is an abandoned resort at the opposite end of Station 1.

I think these resorts failed due to location.  Though they are nice and has good concept, they're just too far from the activities happening in Boracay.  If someone desires a higher end and secluded type of accommodation, then Station 1 resorts are the one to get with better sand and location.

Station 2, for me, is the center of the most tourist activity in the island wherein all levels of tourists at least pass through it.

At the far end, you'll get to see this.  I forgot what this resort is called but I can say is it has really few tourists maybe due to costs.
I think, this one won't last long since Station 1 will serve this expensive type of accommodation.

Enter this hole and you'll be able to get to the other side of the rocks.

This is how it looks like.

I stayed longer than I used to and hoped to shoot something more interesting. My friends still haven't contacted my anyway.

The girl I'm staring at the local beach restaurant yesterday, is not actually a model, but a bride!

I thought she's a model since she's pretty tall.

I just stole these pics while I was there.

Since the bride seems to be distracted while I was there, I decided to leave.

While it is still early for lunch, I took the risk and enter this abandoned location in the area.

At the end of the tunnel is just this, so much for my excitement.  From here, I could here noise from vehicles which is probably close to Boracay island road.
I could see a small path between the foliage probably leading to the noise but I chose not to go.

After that, I was pretty content and decided to head back to the hotel.

From the hotel, I decided to go out again and set a new mission, get to the rocks of the Station 1.

Unfortunately, it rained. I had to stay shelter in the hotel and waited till it subsides.

The rain did stopped but the clouds were still in the island.  I think, I'm not going to get the Boracay sunset again.

To not waste time, I resumed my mission to get the other side of the rocks in Station 1.

The colors in these pictures are so boring so I turned them into BW.

This is the only time I discovered this hole.  The hole probably was created to increase safety for people who wants to get through.
At last, here's what it looks.  If you enlarged the picture, you will be able to see a photoshoot going on.  It is another pre-nup photoshoot.

Here's what's left of the sun, just sad.

My friends, who love to eat, invited to eat at the D'palengke where Koreans flock to most of the time for the relatively cheaper cost of seafood.

I hesitated at first eating with them since I'm saving up but agreed later on since I will eat alone if I don't.

This resto is the most popular in the area serving Asian music background.
We had shrimp, scallops, crabs, and tahong. Our dinner is no match to the two Koreans beside us which didn't had rice because they have two huge lobsters for each.

Afterwards, we walked around and went to Souvenir shop for making an order of an "I love Boracay" shirt.  While bored and waiting there, I managed to take a shot of these Aklan natives which always appear at night, asking for alms.

They went back to their rooms, probably watching tv and internet while I, again, decided to roam around.

I was here at Guilly's island but the place is lonely.

I left the place thinking that it's Monday, which explains the empty place.

If I remember it correctly, I went to Station 3 in search for cooler places to drink but discovered it was similar to Guilly's Island.

Above pics show how little people there is but I managed to stay longer since the adjacent tables to me has pretty chicks on them.  I was able to drink and stay longer until a few of them left.

I received a text message from them asking what I'm to, so went to Club Paraw.

There's nothing much to report here except I had a few bottles of San Miguel Light.

That's how my day went in the island which is pretty boring overall due to the weather and the lack of budget. Yet, I blame it more on the weather.  Hehe.


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