Back 2 Boracay - December 6, 2011

Two of us will be our last day in Boracay since our booking has considered budget constraints and getting back to work soon.

Unfortunately, the island is gloomy for our last day.

These umbrellas and red foam stand out from this cloudy day.

Our flight is later in the afternoon.  We decided to have a walk and photo shoot session to Station 1.




She found a cute boy playing on the beach and stalked him. Hehe.

By this time, we're back to Red Coconut to get prepared before leaving for Manila.

By the way,  our Red Coconut room has a balcony which is ideal for internet surfing or smoking.
Prepared, we just wait for a van transfer to pick us up.

What is this...It seems, they're going to expand the Caticlan Jetty Port.

Wow, they have X-ray machines beating the Coron-Busuanga airport doesn't have any. Well, that is actually not surprising due to the huge number of tourists and money going to Boracay.  It makes sense spend more on security.
This time, we're not flying through Caticlan airport but through Kalibo airport.

Since we haven't lunch, we're going to our tradition of eating at Alexa's restaurant after checking-in our bags.
This is just a shot of the exhaust fan inside the bathroom of Alexa's.


We ordered Sinigang na baboy and was served hot and fast. I wonder how clean their kitchen is though.
 I didn't bought any. Hehe.

We got inside the airplane by 5:40 PM.

I have a weak camera when it shoots in the dark this won't give anything how beautiful the city lights are from the airplane.

This shot in a taxi is timed at 7PM.  We probably got home in an hour.  We left Boracay by 1 PM and got home by 8 PM, it's pretty bad since it took half a day just to get home but comparing it to let say, from Baguio or farther, it would take more.
This is one of the reasons why it's easy to return to Boracay than any destinations in the Philippines.

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