Stormy Boracay - May 11, 2011

Today's our last day in Boracay which started with a good breakfast from Jony's Restaurant.  Everyday, they have a new set of breakfast to choose from and today's one of the best.

Here is the still cloudy Boracay beach front except the strong winds and rain.

Here is my breakfast plate after devouring for it for a while.  I forgot to take a picture before I touched it since it looks so good.
I stole a shot of another's plate to show you how good it looks despite being simple.
Girls just love drinking shakes whether it is fruit or non-fruit like this one below.  
I don't understand why, but, guys love beer which most girls don't.

After breakfast and the shake above, we fixed our belongings to prepare before leaving the island.  We went back to the beach and stood there while waiting for the van who is going to pick us up to the sea port.

Fortunately, before leaving, the clouds gave way to the sun and reminded me how beautiful the island is.

Look at that, the kids unconsciously enjoying the sun and playing around.  How I wished our whole stay was like this.

After being fetched by the multi-cab, we're here at the Boracay sea port waiting for an available boat to bring to the Aklan Jetty Port.

Once in the Boracay Passenger terminal, we are going to ride a bus heading to Kalibo Airport.  It is worth two hours of travel which most would like to sleep through.

The Caticlan airport saves you this hassle except the plane is small and worse to fly on and is more expensive.  Though, one time, on a Caticlan to Manila flight in September 2010, we received a free plane ticket anywhere in the Philippines from Cebu Pacific due to their courtesy and an option gave to us. The Caticlan plane could not accept more weight or passengers than normal due to wind turbulence and had go to Kalibo airport instead.    Being gentlemen and women, we let other passengers get through the Caticlan flight and opt to received the free tickets and receive a Jollibee two piece chicken meal in exchange for a delayed flight and going to Aklan airport.  :)  The plane ticket was used for a booking to my first travel to Coron, Palawan which you could find HERE.  :)

After checking in, we went straight to nearby restaurants to have lunch though its already late in the afternoon.

This is Alexa's restaurant just across the airport. They have plenty of food to choose from.  It's quite clean and prices are reasonable.

I still don't get tired of plane flights near the window. I'm always amazed what I could see and take a photo there.
After all that storm in Boracay, this is probably my best flight going to Manila due to the sun setting and producing colors and scenery I've never seen before.

Here we are at around 6 PM at Domestic Airport. 
That was a long and not so memorable trip to Boracay which should have been to the large group of people and friends that went there.   Well, who could tell there's a storm in the middle of summer and all of places in the Philippines, Boracay was hit hard. It's the most unusual vacation in Boracay but I learned that when travelling and even to those costly ones, there's a lot of things that could go wrong which might prevent someone from enjoying the trip.  "To travel is to experience and rarely for relaxation."

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