Coron, Palawan - February 28, 2011

Our fourth and last day in Coron, a Monday.  Yes, it was exactly what I felt during that day.  The vacation did not feel as a way to relax and unwind.  I'm not saying it's that bad but the experience was close to adventure where you would explore and discover the beautiful island.

This is the nice scenery which will greet you in the morning.

The free coffee we're supposed to have every morning which we only got on the last day.
They have a hot and cold water dispenser at the lobby and used the hot water to warm the "balot" we bought the night before.  Unfortunately, buying a fresh/young "balot" in Coron depends on luck.  We bought the really good ones from a vendor in Maquinit Hot Springs and while the eggs on your right were bought in town.
Here's the only nice thing in their lodge, the garden.

Nothing to do, we went town to look for dried fish to bring to Manila yet we weren't able to find any.
As advised by our trusty tricycle driver, we should be able to buy dried fish at nice prices at the commercial port of Coron.
Going there, we met this parade organized by a school.

Finally here, you will be able to find stores selling dried fish sold at better prices compared to Manila.

The stores aren't located inside but just across the "welcome" sign.

This is exactly away from the Coron Town Proper.

Going back, we still met with the school parade and experienced slow traffic in our course.

Finally back, there's no place in Coron where you could find all sorts of souvenirs at huge volumes except for Coron Souvenir Shop.

Back to Rudy's Lodge, I found this.  It's a structural post for holding the garage roof.
As I investigated, the core is made of wood which is really bad against the strength and its durability of the post.
Oh well, back to regular programming. :)

This rare pic is our room.  It's very spacious inside which is only made obvious by the powerful flash on my camera subce the room only has one 8 watt light bulb which is not enough for reading or looking at yourself at the mirror.
Packed things.  Speaking of the mirror, the green object beside the cute television set is the mirror.  There's no mirror in the bathroom not even a small one.
No heater, water is unusually cold all the time.  The shower head is unusable due to low water pressure.  The red wall uses red cement.  It has a rough finish and some red cement sticks to your fingers when you touch it.
Small toilet with no flush.  No big deal to us but don't say I didn't warned you. :)
 The lobby.

You guessed it, we're back to Sea Dive Resort for lunch before we leave the place and head to the airport.

Obviously bored while waiting for the resort's van going to the airport.  I guess that goes the same to most people on their last day in a vacation.

The roads are empty and long, expect van drivers to drive fast while they input text on their phones.
They still drive fast even on corners like this.
This too.

We arrived two hours before the flight.  Get something to eat and/or read, there's no entertainment as their new LCD TV is not operational and expect the plane to be late.
Someone left their trash looking like this.  

That's how I amused myself while waiting for the plane which was late for 30 minutes.

The whole Coron trip, I would say, is still worth the time and expense.  It taught me how to appreciate more, things we take for granted.
Outside Philippines, others just don't have these beautiful islands and beaches with a weather where the sun always shines.

Do you want Coron and get a better experience than us?
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