Coron, Palawan - February 27, 2011

Our third day in Coron.  We're supposed to be island hopping again but was not able due to waking up late since we've been drinking the night before.  We just made most of what we can for the day, after all, we're running out of cash.  

Balloons found in the activity hall of Rudy's lodge which seems like a prom is about to happen tonight.  Picture taken around 8am and haven't had breakfast, and yes, you are right, we're too late for the boats leaving the port for a day of island hopping.

That's Mang Rudy, supervising the construction of additional rooms of the lodge.

Me taking a shot of this at the small sea port of Coron.  We're left behind and had nothing to do.
Defeated, we decided to take our breakfast again in Sea Dive Resort.  They don't seem frightened with the fact they got the boat overloaded, probably, a group of skilled divers.
Unlimited coffee. Self service.

Not cheap but better than eating elsewhere.

The receptionist is good. She speaks English so well with an attractive face to boot.

Kuweba, the name of the store selling various accessories, artifacts, and etc.  Most items are of the weird, scary, or unusual kind, yet, intriguing.  We could not afford these interesting stuffs but some of you can.

The owners, one is her young wife from Cavite, was very patient with us.  She allowed my friends to take a lot of pictures inside.  I just took a few pics and waited outside.

An interesting house across Kuweba.

This is the right side portion of Kuweba, arts and crafts.  It has a terrible termite infestation.

Coron Plaza

You will find this store just at the entrance, beside the "Tourism Center" or city of Coron.

We decided to take lunch here but I did not eat any.  I was very full since I also ate the left overs of friends from breakfast earlier.

This is after we left the the small eatery and started to walk around looking for souvenirs and items to bring back home to Manila.
Yes, they are electric meters that hangs low and close enough that could get your head hitting these.
At last, we found cheap souvenirs to give people in Manila.   They are key chains made from thin plane of wood with various shape designs such as a guitar, leaf, knife, and etc.

This is the only motorcycle rental we came across in our stay in Coron.  For those who can ride and has time for the whole day, rent one for yourself as it can bring you to a lot of places.

We saw this on our way back to Rudy's and checked it out since we are unhappy with our lodge.  It was quite new, clean, and best of all, they got Wi-Fi, yet, that would be too late to change rooms.
Still, it's a good discovery. I recommend this place.  Google it.
This is still on our way back, walking.
We're back and they're almost set for the party tonight.

FDO, that pool is for display only. :)
Oh look, it's not a prom.  It's a pageant.

The place doesn't look as bad and actually looked good in the pictures except for the termites which plagued the whole place. The floors are littered with wood dust caused by the termites on the ceilings.

Worst, the door jamb of our room had so many termites that you could hear them tearing up the wood from the inside and producing dust below, which, was never swept clean during our whole stay.

You can see tables to your right which they serve you free sachets of instant coffee every morning.
Our accommodation should have free breakfast, but, it's all good that we didn't since we might not get full or satisfy our taste buds with their food anyway.

Despite that, I was able to amuse myself watching the teens rehearse for the program.

Nothing else to do that afternoon, I suggested to climb Mt. Tapyas again.  This is the same basketball half-court at the bottom of the mountain.

Nice, only lacking a table.

Here's what they call "The Sleeping Giant".  I'm not sure if the picture makes it obvious enough for you.

We met some new tourists on their first day in Coron and then we decided not to stay longer and go ahead to Maquinit Hot Springs with them.
It's pretty cloudy and  not get my pictures of the setting sun through the mountains.

In the city or in our homes, termites are indeed pests.  In the forests though, they are the ones who clean the forest floor of wood or dead wood.  Termites are good food for some animals and they return the dead tree's nutrients to the soil when they die.

That's gasoline, used to refuel the tricycles or motorcycles in Coron.
Took a shot again of the display and still I haven't read it.  Please read it for me when you get there.  Hehe.


Us, back again to the town proper taking a shot of this big time "balot" vendor.
This is back to our lodge and this how the pageant looks from our room.  The pageant will start in a few minutes from this shot is taken, 7:30 pm.

That's all the pics I got from the pageant as we had a planned dinner with our Canadian friends.

The pic to your left meant we're back to Coron town.
Bistro-Coron is one of the good places there to eat and hang-out.  Pretty expensive though.

I walked outside of the bistro to take pictures while waiting for our foreign friends.
We never went to this video bar. It seems nice enough for good drinking and singing.

We ordered pizza and a pasta.  We had a long discussion with the Canadian as he was a marine biologist taking his Masters and working on his thesis.

It was quite a slow day to me especially when I compare it to what happened yesterday.

I guess, there's only one island that you can drink the whole night then sleep through the whole next morning and not miss much. That is Boracay.

Do you want Coron and get a better experience than us?
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