Cloudy Summer 2011

Today's April 09, 2011 and I don't remember summer in the Philippines being so cloudy and rainy on an April, ever. The morning was greeted with a long rain shower that ended in the afternoon and I was able to take these shots.


I shouldn't be able to get this nice color reproduction in cloudy weather.  Thanks to the camera's White Balance adjustment, we are able to see the nice reds and yellows.

 So Gloomy!
Now this post really has become so boring.

Despite this, I am positive that summer has not started yet.  I believe that it is shifted a month late and should last until end of June or early July.  This is a very good opportunity as most resorts and travel agencies consider the peak/summer season to end at June.  This means that we get better prices and less people!  In Boracay, we could have less of the green algae at the seashore.  School and classes might be a small problem  but summer is only short compared to the rest of the year and should not bother you for planning and doing you like on a nice and hot summer weather.

Summer is short and so is life.
I know of a travel agency called CNM Travel and Tours. They're the only agency that allow you to travel now and pay in a 6 month term at "zero" interest.

Go here at CNM's website to get their numbers and look for Khrizia regarding your inquiries.