RYDS II & Auto Extreme Southmall - October 2012

It has been very slow year for me especially in terms of travelling the country but itching to press a camera shutter button has me going again to another car show.

The car show industry has not slowed down and seems to be picking up speed with small but several events.  In this post, there is actually two car shows within the day of October 27 at separate venues. First is RYDS II held at Mall of Asia and second is called Auto Extreme held at SM Southmall.

Auto Extreme show in Southmall would have you expecting it to be smaller but to my surprise, it's actually the one that seems bigger due to the space available and the popular car show babes in the event. They got Jahziel Manabat, Mika Umali, and  Abby Poblador.

RYDS II only had a few models of the Repsol Babes and is also inconveniently located at the Seaside Blvd., sharing it with normal traffic and people as you would see below.

I planned going to Southmall first as it is nearer to my residence and see if it were any good.  On Racechip's facebook page, they indicated 3 PM as the start of the event yet I got there at the exact time and saw nothing but the audio crew and a dog show.  Cars are not even there.  To my dismay, I immediately went to Mall of Asia.  
Image on your left is a flower on our front yard for a camera test shot.

There's less traffic than normal through my commute to Mall of Asia, but it wasn't enough to give me enough time to set myself and camera gear for the sunset shots so the following images shows what is only I managed.

The slower traffic made by the car show is seen here.  The street has been lessened by the parked show cars at the sidewalk and most traffic had been checking out the girls and cars.

After the sunset, I went down from the foot bridge and investigate why would someone put the car show on the streets which is not only cramped but also dangerous.

I was not able to get a photo of a Navy ship parked at the sea but you could see the sign on the image secluding the area for the Navy people that will visit the mall.  Despite Mall of Asia's size, it is still beaten by its success.

A motorcycle club gathering.

The Ferris Wheel in Mall of Asia is already popular and what more during the Christmas season.

By dark, I decided to check what I really went for, the car show.
This fresh lady here is for R33 Limo Service.  The vehicle behind her is a Hummer that has been elongated almost three times long.

The typical car show mob against the car show babes.

Repsol Babe Joycee Castro.

Behind her is the Toyota Grandia Repsol Van used by the Repsol Babes for transportation, quick retouches, and  outfit changes.

Repsol Babe Ge-Ann Pilapil

The highly popular Repsol Babe after Jahziel Manabat and Gweneth Ceridwen is Geng Maderazo.

Just like that, guys would have to make an effort just to have a photo of those above.
Kariz Espena for Anzahl.

Guys went crazy for this setup shooting with their cameras frantically.

Well, I guess that makes sense as she has the hottest outfit with a huge cleavage and tanned skin tone.

She's another cause of heavier traffic.

Anzahl is a provider of various car paint products.  In my memory, they were and still are the best available products for Polyurethane Paint for cars and that wood parquet flooring found in homes.

Marketing stuff such as this only takes a small chunk of their budget yet quite effective and very focused to their market.

After I got enough and Kariz decided to take a rest,  I went around to the other cars displayed.

This is very popular but not due to the car, but the shoes.  Jordan's have been the most popular rubber shoes fetching good prices especially the limited editions and previous ones.

In this and succeeding photos, I really noticed something a little bad news about this girl.  I noticed it while I was working on her photos and kept bugging me about her.

I was feeling that despite her nice skin, sexy yet pretty appearance, she is not attractive.
This probably is my best shot of her but there's really something off.

This pose and blurry photo confirms my suspicions.

Photo is a bit better with good lighting but still not pretty.  Look at those knuckles.

Who am I to complain,  shooting models for free which at the same time learning and entertaining.

Nissan Skyline GTR's engine bay.  It sounds great when the engine is pushed to its true power.
This car and model appears in my previous post at Hot Summer Nights V.

I guess, above photo is my last shot in Mall of Asia as we are immediately brought to this shot of Auto Extreme in SM Southmall where we could see Jahziel Manabat having a fun conversation with Joara del Prado. Next to her is Liz Burlat and Mika Umali.

Fresh face on the far right is Faith Ibarreta.
Crowd is little which I'm not sure the reason why, whether they are at Mall of Asia or I'm just a bit late around 9 PM.
I guess, I was late as by this time, the babes are doing their official photographs for Race Chip and I'm just stealing this shots while they do their jobs.
Twopointzero and with their Toyota's  also has their presence here.

A very lowered bimmer.

The popular Mika Umali.
I think the owner of this vehicle is highlighting the installed springs which probably are way pricier than standard for this vehicle.  Realistically, springs do get dirty with use but here in this photo it is clean like new.

Whenever there is smoke, there is fire. See below:

The source of the fire.  The fire here has undergone the "knife" multiple times to improve its heat.

My cheap, stolen shots of Mika Umali since I can't help it, seeing her for the first time.

She's not too popular not like the others but she's really petite which is interesting and I don't have a name. Give me a comment to her name, I'll credit it to you.

Thanks to +Karl Marx Bermudez. This is Apple Angeles.
Out of nowhere, Abby Poblador appeared.  She must have been successful as I rarely see her on car shows or photo shoots anymore but I saw her once in a PBA game with the commentators.

Faith Ibarreta
This is already my best portrait of Joara del Prado, the price I have to pay for staying too much in Mall of Asia for the other car show, where here, there's more models and yet fewer guys to compete with.  

Emperor Motorsports has been putting up nice, quality show cars for years and the trophies and awards on the above photo proves it.

I stayed a while hoping for more activities and events past 10PM but it must have been futile since it seems all are just waiting for the awarding ceremonies and call it a day.  Besides, I forgot to take dinner and drink water since lunch.

After all my complaints, it still is worthwhile and gave me an insight on casting models/actors in the entertainment industry.