Zong (Westgate,Alabang) - May 12

To pre-celebrate Mother's day we went out and had lunch at Zong in Westgate just near Alabang Town Center.
The image to your left is the actual facade of the restaurant itself.  I am perplexed that a restaurant located inside Westgate could look so.... uninviting.
Looking at the posters by the glass windows, it is from there I discovered this is another Chinese/Asian restaurant that I'm going to.

My dining habits and choices can be summarized as simple and willing to try something new. When dining out, I allow my siblings or other people to decide and choose what they like.

Entering the restaurant, I was surprised how small it was despite I already have  a guess how it would look from its exteriors.

A glance at their menu quickly sinks in to me that this is no cheap restaurant and I just probably forgot that this goes to all establishments inside Westgate.

It took a while for all their orders settled and it could have due the old and not really presentable menu.
They could have added more pictures and descriptions so they can justify the price.

Furnishings that are probably as old as the restaurant with scratches on chairs and laminated tables repaired by a couple clear tapes.
Our table is near an air-conditioning unit that is spitting some small bits of moist dust, typical of uncleaned units.
Fortunately, the dusts stopped before I could complain.
Reading their slogan, I'm starting to doubt it.  I hope they prove me wrong with their food.

When the soups arrived at our table, I could not tell the baffled look of my siblings. I thought the soup bowls were cute.  From the puzzled looks of mine, they quickly informed me that this piece alone is worth 188 pesos and good thing they ordered two.
I never judged it too quickly, maybe, it had some expensive seafood in it.
Yet, to my disbelief, it was a simple soup with  few bits of shrimp that can be outdone by similar restaurants with a larger serving at the same prize. It is not even right, because it is thick and creamy.  

Cut the story short, this is the only dish  which is quite respectable.  It is a simple sweet and sour fish fillet,  only slightly different by the sauce which was thicker and sweeter, then probably had some soy sauce in it.  The firmness of each piece is also quite good.
A boring dish because it was simple that any Filipino could have at home. We can be blamed though. I think this what they call the Deep Fried Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs for 368 pesos.
This is a dish with rice underneath it.  It tastes plain and I consider it simply as rice. Nothing to write home about.
This is simply fried chicken what they called Chicken in Salted Egg Yolk for the cost of 438 pesos.  The chicken is also plain with just the right amount of salted egg yolks over its skin.
If not for the price and the fish crackers underneath to make it look plenty, I consider this good and interesting.
This is also also chicken and forgot what this is called but the presentation is also not as good as the others which also tells how it tastes.
Again, it is too plain where whoever cooks in your house can produce this dish.  It is is like fried chicken that is more salty and has probably soy sauce in it.

In summary, as you may have guessed already, the restaurant, to me, seems like it doesn't love the business of food.  Everything is pricey matched with plain presentation and taste of what they serve and this is a deadly combination.  This is not worth your time and money and served better by Northpark with free service tea.