Zark's Burger - April 16, 2012

There seems to be plenty of burger focused restaurants these days from the most popular and expensive to the nearest and least expensive.  I could list many without even trying and I am no burger enthusiast.  Today, we will try Zark's Burger for the first time which has branches La Salle Taft and a new one in President's Avenue in BF ParaƱaque.

Zark's Burger in BF Paranaque is located near from  the Sucat Road which can be easily reached with  car or public transport.  If you're far from here, take the Sucat exit in SLEX.
Once at President's Avenue road, just look for a newly built building with a white theme across this pretty popular store (Shawarma Snack Center) selling Middle Eastern food choices.

Car park is pretty ample since the commercial building is not yet filled with tenants.
In President's Avenue and BF Paranaque, lots of cars and car repair shops are to be expected.

I like the simple interiors and furnishings but the details are pretty bad such as rough and dirt marks on walls.

Here is their two-page menu to get an idea of choices and prices.
The prices are pretty designed with popular burger joints in mind such Army Navy, Brother's Burger, or Charlie's but Zark's seem to be a bit less and get more burger for the buck which you will see later.
Here's a surprise, the waiter just gave my niece free ice cream!  That's a nice touch for a no frills like fast food restaurant.
I'm not sure what type it is, like a simple vanilla with chocolate syrup on top.

Their elite burgers.  The challenges are pretty tempting to try even for less  built people but I knew the addition  of thick french fries would make this a lot harder so I opt not to.

I would rather water over iced-tea but it comes with the burgers so I couldn't refuse.  I like the less sweet than most treatment of their iced-tea.  So, you might not like this if you are used to the ones from most fast foods and restaurants.
Ice is also less than normal making it less cold but you get more of your iced-tea than Mcdonald's or Jollibee does.

This one's pretty bad.  I don't know why their air-conditioning is not working, the entire room is hot.  I was perspiring the whole time and I'm not even fat.
Additionally, smoke from their kitchen seem to enter the dining room enough to make my eyes sensitive to it.
I seem to think that the concept is not a place to hangout but to eat fast and leave immediately type, after the fact that it is uncomfortable and no addition of music or television screen.

Food came in fast at around 5 to 7 minutes from the moment the waiter finalized your orders which I think is good for those already hungry even before stepping in the resto.

Zark's Ultimate Burger - P130 + P25 for the fries
 Jackhammer - P185

 Three-Pointer - P125 + P25

Mine is the Deep Fried Burger.  I ordered it expecting it to be oily but it is less than I expected.

There's pretty much confusion with my order as there are two options which are the 1/4 pound at P155 and the 1/2 pound at P185 for the burgers alone, yet, I got the fries, iced tea, for the price of only P185.  Thanks Zarks!  Hehe.
I thought my choice was the worse but it turns out to be the best in my judgement.  I tried other's burgers but found to them to have hard, tiny bits of patty and less juicy.  One good thing about the other burgers is their patty has some character/taste to it unlike mine which is tasteless but meat.    Fortunately, the burger includes a "choice" of dip to go with it. The waiter did not asked me on the dip but gave me some type of BBQ sauce which worked well with it.
I was satisfied with my burger being the patty being so soft and juicy and tastes good with the included BBQ sauce/dip.
I forgot to mention that fries are dense and thick filling me up easily.

It's good to bear in mind that Zark's Burgers is not alone in this segment of the mid to high end of burger joints in the Philippines but it seems their pricing and concept is unique to the one's of Brother's Burger or Army Navy's placing them quite nicely in the crowded scene of burgers.  If you're a person enthusiastic with American style of burgers which is fast and plenty,  then, Zark's is worth a try with your time and money.  After that, you can decide if it fits your taste and lifestyle for you to come back to.