Manila Bay Dinner - Oct. 30, 2011

This day is my Mom's birthday but she's in the states but we still have to celebrate it anyway.  We had some food at home but my sister previously bought a coupon from the notorious deals that can be had from the internet.
Anyways, the Manila Bay Dinner coupon was scheduled to be availed tonight.

I'm sure you're asking what is it.  Basically, it's a small dinner conducted on a boat, cruising along Manila Bay.
I also didn't know about this previously but the idea of the activity didn't appeal to me.
Looking at some posts on the internet, the dinner at the bay can be worth it if for capturing the sunset, spending time with your partner, or just to cruise on the sea.
Unfortunately, the present season allows only for shorter days than summer so we were not able to capture the sunset at the sea and only at the port.

I think there are various companies providing this type of service with probably varying prices and quality.  Prestige Cruises will be serving to fulfill the discount coupon we got.
The coupon was pretty low I think, at around 200 to 250.  Normally, this type of experience hovers at 500 pesos.
You can give them a call 832-8967 if you are interested. Yes, I just copied it at the image.  Hehe.

We arrived almost an hour early of the schedule. The boat left late for about 30 minutes off schedule.  I'm not sure what problem was going on at the reception area.  They seem to be awaiting late guests.

While waiting on the boat, I went around and took more pics.

With some luck, we saw a small fireworks show from the boat, easing our boredom.

There's another boat of the same service and it's probably from Sun Cruises which seems a lot better compared to Prestige Cruises.

There's not much to do on the boat when it left except except listening to a poor singer on a videoke machine.

During this time, the boat crew were actually scrambling to prepare dinner for everyone in the boat.
The highlight of the trip for me is when it passed by Mall of Asia.  It is pretty nice because it is well lit in contrast to the dark waters our boat is traversing.

This is what the supposed buffet dinner looks like.  It is bad but it is still food so I finished it all, including the soup.  One thing I didn't realize during that night the food could possibly have been badly handled, judging from the quality and experience of the boat crew.  Well, my tummy didn't got worse but it is worth mentioning.

This is me, very forgiving with the food they provided and finished it since I have nothing to do on the boat anyway.
Yet, they were thoughtful enough to provide dessert.   The dessert is respectable, uncannily similar to the chocolate cake from KFC.

From the time boat left and then returned from the journey, it felt like it was rushed.  The boat cruised far away enough but it did that with speed.  The wind and waters were not calm enough for a relaxed stay on the boat. This experience was a good idea only badly done probably to make prices lower and get more customers in one boat and night.
Here are the other customers waiting for the next batch of victimsdiners at sea.

You get what you paid for though.  Problem is, it is not time spent well.  I was actually with family where the experience could have been better while hanging out at the Mall of Asia bay walk side.
If you're a tourist staying at a hotel nearby, you probably will be transported by this huge air-conditioned Jeepney.

Overall, it was an unfulfilled experience due to the food and the bad quality of everything.  My family more likely felt the same way, feeling the need to go to Starbucks at Macapagal Avenue.  They bought coffee, frappe's, and desserts.  Even after that, they felt going to a local bar to eat and drink and we went there.

Anyways, you could try it yourself if you have a lot of time and is willing but don't expect.   Don't say I didn't warned you. ;-)