Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen (ATC)- June 17

Today is Father's day where we attended mass and went to a mall  for lunch.  I think it was my dad who suggested trying out the new Vietnamese themed restaurant called Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen in Alabang Town Center.

If you noticed the uninspiring image on their menu, then read on as I will touch a bit on their history and hope it will enlighten you.

If you could see here, the green outline on the map  is Vietnam which is pretty close to our country.  Like ours, their history is filled with occupations of foreigners.  While we were under the Spanish Colonization, they were controlled by the French which ended during World War II.
During WWII, they were occupied by the Japanese.  After the war, civil wars was prevalent and lessened in the 1980's.  Like the Philippines, it's only during that period where many things have stabilized and has allowed for the country's growth.

Thus, Vietnam is not a rich Asian country. It is similar to Philippines with a GDP just a little bit lower.
The front cover on the menu just portrays what Vietnam has to offer,  nothing luxurious but genuine Vietnamese cuisine.

The prices are moderate, it's a bit lower than many restaurants in Alabang Town Center or any other restaurants of similar impression.  Click the image for a larger view.
Their dining area is small and you might experience some noise from other diners during peak hours.

Goi Buoi voi Tom Nuong :
This salad with Shrimp, Peanuts and Pomelo which makes for an interesting combination of texture and taste. The salad isn't dry without a dressing as the Pomelo's juice compensates for it. Brilliant.
Goi Cuon :
These are Vietnamese Fresh Spring rolls with Shrimps, pork, noodles, and lettuce. I think the main point of eating these are the freshness and rawness of the ingredients which can also serve as an appetizer.
The soup is simple and nothing to write home about, is not oily nor salty.  Pretty boring but it is truly what a soup should be, the one that doesn't fill you.

Cha Gio:
Fried rolls composed of crab, pork, muchrooms, and vermicelli.

Top left in the image, you will find a portion of the Prawn Crackers they served while we waited for the food.
Mon Nuong Dac Biet:

A sampler of Satay, prawns sugarcane,  Crispy Calamari, and Crispy Roll. A quick search on Google has defined Satay as a dish of southeast Asia consisting of strips of marinated meat, poultry, or seafood grilled on skewers and dipped in peanut sauce.
The items here didn't impress but at least to me they were fresh and I won't discourage you trying it too.
Thit Heo Nuong Xa :
Spicy Grilled pork belly with Lemon Grass.  Another one that didn't impress but least it didn't disappoint.
This is the star of among the dishes we ordered. One thing that it sets it apart is they serve this already cracked or de-shelled and you just take the yummy bits with your fork.
The convenience and the crab had a cost though, this alone is worth more than 1k pesos.
I'm sure six of us in the table were deep inside asking for more.
I couldn't recall what exactly this is but it seems to be  Toge and beef combo which to my taste buds is simple since it similar to our Filipino version of such.
The beef is soft and vegetables are crisp and I think, I consumed nearly half of it since the other were so full and couldn't finish it.

Fried Chicken with butter :
My sister couldn't help herself ordering fried chicken when dining out.

In conclusion, I believe that dining experience is memorable and worth going back to.  The fresh spring rolls and the salad were memorable.  They were simple but unique to my tongue and the freshness of the ingredients were good enough for that dish.
I also appreciate the moderate pricing of their menu which matches very well of they can offer.

If you happen to be in Alabang Town Center and looking for a healthier dining experience then the Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen is recommended.

For our desserts, one of my sisters asked for her favorite milk tea house, Chatime.  Again, they ordered a huge serving and still I wasn't fan of it.
Surprisingly, my dad didn't noticed that he enjoyed the drink and finished it ahead of us.

With all the eating and drinking we did, we decided to stroll around the mall for some window shopping.  My dad bought himself a Badminton racket as he was into the sports for exercise.
Afterwards, we went to to the children's playground for my niece.
Many families were in the mall with their children.  Local celebrities also came with their families.

It was a memorable Father's day with good food and laughter among us. I'm sure we had a nice bonding we haven't had a long time. I hoped you had a good one too with your family.