RYDS II & Auto Extreme Southmall - October 2012

It has been very slow year for me especially in terms of travelling the country but itching to press a camera shutter button has me going again to another car show.

The car show industry has not slowed down and seems to be picking up speed with small but several events.  In this post, there is actually two car shows within the day of October 27 at separate venues. First is RYDS II held at Mall of Asia and second is called Auto Extreme held at SM Southmall.

Raaz Mahal & infinitea - Aug 2012

It's another Sunday church with nothing much except dad invited us again for lunch. No one got an idea where to eat till the mass ended and a last minute suggestion is to try a Middle Eastern themed restaurant called Raaz Mahal.

Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen (ATC)- June 17

Today is Father's day where we attended mass and went to a mall  for lunch.  I think it was my dad who suggested trying out the new Vietnamese themed restaurant called Xoi Vietnamese Kitchen in Alabang Town Center.

If you noticed the uninspiring image on their menu, then read on as I will touch a bit on their history and hope it will enlighten you.

PHOTOwalker's photowalk - June 7

I was invited by my friend photographer to a group called PHOTOwalkers lead by Jhong Dizon.  They created this event called Photowalk for a Cause in Binondo, Manila.  Photographers would contribute a small amount and have this to treat the people with food.
Being available for that day and the rains has stopped. I decided to go and experience my first photowalk.

Razzzo Bistro (BF Pque) - June 24

It's another Sunday and after the mass, we decided to have lunch at a nearby restaurant, Razzzo Bistro.
I'm seeing this establishment already when passing by Aguirre Ave., and thought it to be another of those bars at night for booze.